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Spiritual Places In Delhi

Nizamudin Dargah

It is the mausoleum of one of the famous Sufi saints of the historic period- Hazrat Khwaja Syed Nizzamudin Aliyas. It is situated in the West area of the capital of India. It is a famous tourist destination especially if you have a chance to visit it on Thursday and experience the night qawwalis.

Teen Murti Bhawan

This is the place where the former Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru stayed before his demise. This place was then converted into a museum as a tribute to him. This is an autonomous place which belongs to the Ministry of the Culture.

Khirki Mosque

This mosque is placed near the Khirki town in South Delhi and near the Satpula or the seven angled extension on the edge of southern mass of Jahapanah, was a mosque worked by Khan-i-Jahan Junan Shah, the Prime Minister of Feroz Shah Tughlaq (1351–1388) of the Tughlaq Dynasty, and is a great place for the history travellers.

Sacred Heart of Cathedral ND

This is the place who loves to visit the churches. The Cathedral of the Sacred Heart is a Roman Catholic house of prayer having a place with the Latin Rite and one of the most established church structures in New Delhi, India.

Fatehpuri Mosque

Fatehpuri Masjid is a seventeenth century mosque situated at the western end of the most established road of Delhi, Chandni Chowk. It lies opposite to the Red Fort and also on the opposite end of the shopping place of Chandni Chowk.

Cathedral Church of the Redemption

Churches are a perfect example of the amazing structures which draw their inspiration from the old times. Cathedral Church of the Redemption in New Delhi, otherwise called the Viceroy Church, is among the most wonderful and heavenly places of worship in India.

Moti Mosque

The other name for Moti Mosque is the Pearl mosque. The name of the places unveils a lot about it. It is a mosque made up of the white marble and is located inside the Red Fort Complex in the capital of India.

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